Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vote For MAMA 2012!

The online voting for Mnet Asian Music Awards has now opened!
20 categories of awards are waiting for u! Vote for your favourite artist!

For sure , i'll give all my vote to Girls' Generation♥ !
sadly , because they didn't release full album this year , they only nominated as TTS
#better than nothing la!#

here i am showing who i vote for the first time i sign in to MAMA
and roughly some comment of why i'm voting them

My first vote to 1.Best New Female ArtistAilee! i know her because of DreamHigh2!
she got powerful voice and and i like her Heaven :
some called her Korea Beyonce! she totally deserve that!
i always want to sing like her! GENG! 

2.Best New Male Artist > vote for Exo-K because they are from SM Entertainment!
#same company from SNSD# lol

3.Best Female Artist... BoA or IU?! okay la , since you can vote only once per day
today vote for BoA and tomorrow vote for IU la

4.Best Male Artist...
GD , i do not vote for this weird guy but idk why i like his new song Crayon
get your cra , get your cra , get your crayon~~~

because this song is really nice so i vote to Se7en
lastly , i'll definitely not vote for PSY , because i hate Gangnam Style

my new addiction from SM Entertainment!
TVXQ! Changmin aka Max
he debuted for so many years ady , now only i found out he is so cute with his killing smile LOL!
nah , free one extra picture of him !!
yess... i only see Changmin in this photo!!! hahaha
Changmin! Changmin! Changmin!
 click here for more of their pictures

 vote for We Were In Love because of T-ara
i actually prefer the song Someone Else!

10.Best OST  
sorry Taeyeon , Missing You Like Crazy is nice
but i couldn't resist to vote for Lyn this time! only this time!
♥ Back In Time 

 no vote to Psy again , lol
because of Someone Else , i vote for Gain la , haha

 i'm not a rap lover , so never listen to pure rap song i guess
vote for Dynamic Duo because i watch SNSD & Dangerous Boys! lol
vote SHINee because SJ have many fans will vote for them one
#save mine , lol# 

change my mind after vote for MissA , tick for f(x) , 
Electric Shock is more shock compare to Touch , wtf excuse is this but it's true i guess

last two vote to go : 

there is many option to be choose
my option must be GG come first , SM Entertainment Artist go second , lol
why Twinkle is not on the list of Song Of The Year ar? why??cry.gif

forget about Twinkle thing , it's easy to vote for MAMA 2012
♥ How to Vote ♥

♥ Log-in or Sign-up for an Mnet Account to Vote

♥ After Signing in, you need to choose and pick your choice for the 20 Categories

♥ Once you have voted in all the categories, click the 'Vote' Button at the bottom of the page

♥ Voting starts October 23rd and will be open till November 22nd
♥ You can only vote once a day with your account (one account/one vote a day)

click here for more details or click here to vote now!!!

end my post with this coming soon Maxstep! ♥ Hyoyeon!! 

#this is nothing to do with MAMA , just enjoy the song#


#full audio

Friday, October 12, 2012

Before It's Too Late

i always use cotton stick to clean my ear canal
i always do that to clear the earwax
so this afternoon when i'm cleaning my ear canal
something scary is happened
as usual , gently pushing the cotton stick into my ears to clean all the dirts inside
i always do it softly and carefully because it's ears! my ears!
i will not do that hard to hurt my ears , my ear drums , i don't want to be deaf
but i didn't know this will happen to me , and i'm really scare to clean my ears with cotton stick anymore

okay , my left ear , i thought i'm going to be half deaf after i clean it with the cotton stick
my left ear hearing sense become very low and blurry
my ears , can't even hear the raining sound inside my room
i try to do the pumping action by my palm covering my pinna to let some air flow inside the ear , see is that works for my left ear to be normal again!
sadly , it's not working!!! i gone a little mad and worry
i couldn't do anything to save myself so i drive to the goverment clinic , during the rain
#i hate rain , and i hate walking in the rain , and there's a distance between the parking area and the clinic#
i can't stop thinking and become emo for a while , what if i'm deaf...
i think a lot , a lot of bad things , future?

anyway , the doctor say my left ear is normal , no earwax clog inside the ear
so she say i'm fine , she use an instrument which is like a magnifier for checking my ear
ok lo , i hope the ear will back to normal after a sleep
and yes , i scare , what if it didn't ?
lastly , no more cotton stick to clean your ears!
i'm curious btw , is that a common sense for everyone but only me do not know about that?
please let me know! thank you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012



在脸谱看到的反应/回应的comment(再加上like的人也有3000+++),就知道这世界上不只是自己才会那么做。当中看到一个我自己也忍不住按赞的comment:废话~对陌生人发脾气...下一秒..下地狱吧 很有道理的一句话!!!!首先,你对一个你不熟悉的人发脾气,这是为什么啊?你不了解对方,若你不是明星的话更不用说,对方也不可能了解你、知道你是谁。想一想,对陌生人发脾气这种事,而同时也能得到谅解的,就只有发生在电视剧上!!!发脾气过后,就来一套什么不bruce.gif不相识啦,然后再打多几次就变成情侣了=  = 这话我肯定自己说得很对!面对陌生人,自然的反应就是选择让自己在对方面前显得乖一点。这不是拍马屁!!而是在给自己,给对方留下一个好印象。况且都说了,面对的是陌生人,陌生到他/她是好人还是坏人自己都不知道,怎么会对他/她发脾气啊???相反地,如果有陌生人那样对我(发脾气),我也会觉得对方很莫名其妙,就算我平时在怎么善良都好,也会想他/她下地狱的感觉!vmad.gif 话说,好朋友、情侣也是从陌生人发展开始的吧!开始的时候,什么都选择互相礼让,客客气气的,相处久了,才开始让对方看到自己坏蛋的一面。这话听起来是很废话,但确是事实!坏蛋也,你看到陌生人你怎么坏蛋得了啊 == ???那样做的话,简直就是找死啊啊啊 grumble.gif

还有,你以为发脾气很容易啊?排除那些真的很没脑,真的很会乱发脾气的人 #感恩我身边没这种人,感恩!!! # 挑人来发脾气也是一门学问咯!说实在的,发脾气的对象不找熟人找谁啊!!!找熟人发脾气,是因为你知道以为对方会体谅你,忍让你在他们身上发脾气,到最后会原谅、接受你对他们所做过的事,更重要的是,你知道就算是自己发脾气真的发过火了,对方也会有原谅你的一天!!! 脾气这东西,谁没有啊?是看你会不会忍罢了。就算是忍者,也有脾气对吧!忍者虽说是“忍”者,但他们忍的是自己在成为忍者路上的一切艰辛,成为忍者后,忍无可忍了,跑去丢飞镖啦,去做变态杀手啦 == #是冷笑话吗,我也不知道自己在说神了,忍者不要三更半夜来杀我LOL# 脾气还没爆发之前,要忍,也是很辛苦的。有些脾气不是一天就能上来的,当你自己其实要求很简单的时候,你只希望对方别来烦你、惹你,你试过要自己冷静的面对,但就是有些人/情况让你忍无可忍!!!

最压抑自己脾气的事,就是你希望得到某人的体谅,而那某人却真的对自己一点了解都没有的时候!哈!这是我的观点啦。很诚实的说,我身边真的没有理解的我的人,说理解我的人,又有点太深了。简单点,就是连1个能刺激我的人在身边也没有。对啦,自己的想法还是最重要,还有就是要乐观!就写到这啦,有觉得自己很了不起了,哈哈 wave.gif

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Call It A Day

it's 3rd day of sushi bonanza having in this week and it's my first day to join this promotion. you know i'm not feeling well few days ago right. lol. so i go sushi with mum & bro. bro eat 5 plates and me & my mum eat 5.5 plates. lol. don't give me a " less only meh" face , we try our best okayyy! it's actually depends on the sushi-maker lo , you know la... sushi bonanza leh , who will pick those cheap sushi like tamago s,fried crab stick s,cute salmon hotdog with two mayonnaise eyes sushi(as i can named them by their appearance on the sushi belt. lol) of course choose those = or more than RM4 de sushi la AM I RIGHT? you can't say i'm wrong! it's because of my psychological effect working too good! rolleyes.gif

if you think i'm saying bullshit , then YES i'm going to say more more more and more bullshit

after sushi , we hang around in Giant superstore lol mummy want to see what she can buy with RM200 shopping voucher that my aunty annie gave her. my bro also have voucher Rm20 ,  y i'm the one with no voucher , no cash in big purse and have to swipe my own debit card??? why??? so unfair to me lo!!! my bro's voucher is a consolation prize to him from a chinese chess competiton. my bro is very "kiam siap" one , he keep the voucher for few months already even it's just rm20 and he don't want to spend it for us , i mean among us , sibling. he want to keep it just for himself , my sister was like joking on him , ask him to buy this , treat that for us , then he just smile and pretending angry then walk away from my sister......///...... so today , he finally spend his voucher , first he buy 4 packets of bubble gum , cost around rm16. so he hesitate what to buy more to reach his voucher target , i walk near to him and i say i want mentos , then i point my finger to the flavour that i want... guess what , he take for me leh!! hahaha~ LOL then i try to ask more since he so generous this time , he do pretending not listen to me and pick another 2 bars of mentos for himself. reach home , he take the mentos to my room by himself lol for me *i already forget i have that mentos* i look at it , he already take a pill from both flavour =.= what can i say with the missing mentos ,
Conclusion : my brother = indescribable

get bore of my words ?? more to come , lol

next we go to tuiti fruiti , we bring mummy go =.=

i like the guava flavour , it's very niceeeeee!
not sour , not too sweet , it just taste like GUAVA! lol

left one is mine , right one is belongs to bro
i take 4 flavours , i share it with my mum so i take more flavour than usual to let her try
banana (taste quite artificial) , passion fruit (which is my mum favourite healthy fruit) , guava () and the common love > chocolate
mum stop me to take fruit topping , bcoz it's not worth the price based on its weight
so i only take marshmallow , because i think it's the lightest one and i quite like it , is it ?
### My Discovery Time : the marshmallow which put on the topping counter without any cover will cause it air-tightness and become hard , so it's no more delicious and no more soft when you chew it with the froyo ###


bought two stuff from Guardian :

i always have scalp problem , it happen no matter when i'm in short hair or long hair
one of reason is , my hair is too thick
after i do rebonding , my hair look better now and it's no more fluffy
start from now , i want to keep my hair longer and longer
so i'll try this out
will let you know the effect if it's good for me

i remember last time my sister bought it at RM60+ (when it's new)
but this time i buy at RM40+ !!!
it's a huge different price range loooooooo!!!
last time i can only see my sister buy it , because it consider pricy for me
i buy it with a free gift too :

i thought the free gift is the same product
but when i unpacked it
i see... it's just deep cleanser
nevermind laaaaa , is free gift also mahh!
#typical malaysian lol#
my sis said this is really good for her
since my skin type is quite familiar with her
so i buy it for myself
i use ginvera marvel gel before and... yes , it works for me too!
but who know this one will suit me more? just gv it a try la!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello October!

hello everyone , it's October now!
and what am i doing on the 1st day of October mellow.gif ??
good news is i absent to school *ponteng*
and the bad news is i got a little sore throat and bad flu

don't blame to the October please
ya , i actually have those going-to-sick symptom 2 days ago
back to my "sick history" , i normally get fever after i get flu and sore throat
so i better cure my flu and sore throat now before fever come to me!!

i thought i have many things to write
but due to my lazyness and my running nose
i better stop writing now

let's see when am i going to update lo

okay bye! last but not least